The Entire Wheel

It's no wonder that walking or riding your bike to work benefits your body and mind over driving. Most of us bloggers have been saying this for years, but a recent UK study has been all over the media giving the data behind this finding and it's got people talking. Last night I posted a little note to my bike on Twitter, pretty much explaining what my bike means to me. Yes, it gives me the health benefits, and yes, I have been singing Beyonce's Flawless on my bike numerous times, and of course I am happier when I'm on my bike, it's really all I think about! The benefits are so great but will this study make any difference in how we design or plan our cities for cycling and walking? I don't know but it's something to consider in how we advocate for bicycle and walking safety in our neighborhoods.

I've been inspired by the recent Twitter chat lately on #IBIKEBECAUSE. Happiness on a bike comes in many forms, and a lot of times, the form of a woman's smile while biking. We are definitely relevant to this whole conversation about the whole wheel, of health, of biking, and happiness. Sharing our reasons and our stories inspires us as a community when we share the same voice and that's where our power for transformation lies. And I really just want to point out, that it also includes our entitlement to feeling safe from harassment when we walk and ride too. There is a lot to be said but to get you part of the conversation, check out this article and photos of Women Who Shatter The Stereotype Af What A Real Biker Looks Like. It's provoking and thoughtful but nonetheless uniting. Perhaps, it will also inspire you to share on the hashtag #IBIKEBECAUSE.

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